Every idea, person, or object is potentially simultaneously many things depending on the perspective from which it is viewed.
(Ellen Langer, Mindfulness)


Mind Travel: Two Stories about Awareness consists of two related, partially overlapping stories, “A Woman on the Plane”, and “Mind Travel”. Together, the two stories ask the following question: When you travel from place to place, what happens in your mind?

From A Woman on the Plane:

I only became aware of… the fact that what I used to take for reality had been merely my worldview and not the actual world itself some years later… It was only then that I clearly saw it, this old view of the world… It was sitting there, sloughed off like an obsolete skin left behind by some growing, transforming animal.

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Mind Travel


A New Kind of Nemesis tells a simple story: having spent many years abroad, a woman returns to her hometown and has dinner with her aunt and uncle. Given the larger circumstances that surround this visit, however, the story is anything but simple.

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A New Kind of Nemesis

A New Kind of Nemesis (ebook)